Alcohol Awareness Week 19th – 25th November

Alcohol is part of many people’s lives. It can be used when celebrating and socialising, as well as sometimes as a means of comfort or in response to stress.

A big concern around alcohol consumption is that people are sometimes unaware of what units actually mean, meaning they are often unaware that they are drinking too much. Drinks tracker apps and alcohol calculators can be used to calculate the number of units being consumed, the results of which can be surprising.

With the price of alcohol now 75% more affordable than it was thirty years ago, alcohol has become a lot more accessible for people.

It is important to raise awareness of the effects of alcohol both inside and outside of the workplace. In the workplace this can be done by introducing a Drug and Alcohol Policy.

A tailored Drug and Alcohol Policy can help organisations protect both their people and business:

  • Acting as a preventative measure while supporting the health, safety and welfare of employees at work.
  • By setting out aims in reducing and/or deterring alcohol and drug problems in the workplace.
  • By building relationships with employees, showing them there is support available.
  • Policies can raise awareness of issues in the business and encourage staff members to take action.

Alcohol Change UK has implemented Alcohol Awareness Week in order to create evidence driven change by working towards five key changes:

  • Improved knowledge
  • Better policies and regulation
  • Shifted cultural norms
  • Improved drinking behaviours
  • Better support and treatment

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