Specialist Testing

SYNLAB is Europe’s largest medical laboratory which enables the development of unrivalled partnerships with suppliers to gain access to the most innovative equipment and novel tests as they are released into the market. Preferred partnerships enable the sourcing of these innovative tests and the ability to find ways to introduce them both to private clinicians and clinics in the UK, as well as to NHS organisations.

SYNLAB has developed a wide portfolio of molecular and genetic diagnostic tests and is continually innovating the repertoire of tests to ensure that our partners have access to the most novel and valuable tests as they are launched.

SYNLAB’s Specialist Cancer Testing portfolio includes:

  • BRCA: To identify genetic susceptibility to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
  • HPV: Testing to detect and typify Human Papilloma Virus
  • GUARDANT360: To analyse the characteristics of a Stage 3 or 4 tumour to assess treatment options
  • NGS Hereditary Cancer Prevention: Analysing many genes associated with a predisposition to cancer
  • proPSA: For accurate Prostrate Health Index analysis
  • prosigna: To assess a patient’s risk of distant recurrence of breast cancer

We also provide the ONMEDICALL genetic counselling platform to support the clinicians offering the SYNLAB genetic tests to their patients.

With a focus on Women’s Health, SYNLAB also offers a number of tests including: