Nutritional Health

The aim of nutritional medicine is to optimise the way in which our cells, tissues and organs work. It is an essential part of patient health, both in terms of preventive and supportive care.

For over 20 years, SYNLAB has been aware of the need for accurate and thorough assessments of patient nutritional status. The laboratory has developed sophisticated nutritional tests for evaluating various states of health. These tests are the first step to establishing a predictive, preventive and personalised treatment plan aimed at optimising patient health.

Focussed Nutritional Support

To support the testing services in the area of nutritional health, SYNLAB offers the following:

  • A graphical representation and interpretation of all test results.
  • Top-level scientific support, overseen by a Scientific Committee comprised of world-renowned experts in the field of nutritional medicine.
  • The addition of new test profiles every year, developed as initiated by the Scientific Committee.
  • Skilled and efficient technicians, all experienced in the latest technologies, in charge of validating these new tests and rolling them out into standard practice.
  • Clinical experts in nutritional medicine, in charge of medical validation.

Nutritional Analysis

SYNLAB provides a number of tests and analysis to enable the optimisation of health and well-being through nutrition including BrainScreen is a personalised nutritional assessment of nutritional factors which may affect brain function and the optimisation of which may help in maintaining or restoring mental health. NutriScreen is a nutritional profile providing a healthy, balanced and personalised diet plan as an easy way of ensuring optimal nutritional health.