How do I send samples to you?

Most samples arrive at SYNLAB by post or courier. Generally chilled or speedy transportation is not required, however if you are sending fresh produce, meat, etc then we request you include freezer packs to keep the temperature low.

Our cut-off for sample receipt is 10am for the day of receipt to be counted as day zero. When samples arrive after 10am the following day will be day zero, effectively increasing turnaround by one day.

For histamine analysis it is crucial low temperature is maintained as the presence of histamine will grow in warm conditions – please transport as you would when sending the products for retail/to consumers.

You can of course deliver in person if this is convenient – please see details on our contact us page.

Finally, we may be able to arrange courier collection services for you. Please contact us if this is required as part of your contract.

Where can I get advice on what testing I need to do?

There are a number of services available to you, including the advice of HACCP and risk assessment consultants. BRC, Food Standards Agency and Coeliac Society also carry a great deal of advice and offer support

At SYNLAB we offer an advisory service where will help you to assess risk, identify testing priorities and determine a level of testing which satisfies auditors and due diligence while keeping costs to a minimum.

We offer a number of tools to help you ensure product integrity including swab / settle plate analysis, on-site test kits, in-laboratory analysis, risk assessment charts and cleaning validation.

Email food@synlabuk.com with some background information and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

How I do receive my test results?

Results are sent on email by default. If you require results by post there may be a small charge to cover administration and postage costs.

Certificates of analysis are sent as PDF files to all reporting email addresses you supply on the account set up form. These can be changed, but we need one of the existing recipients to send an email confirming changes in writing.


I need my results in a different format – PDF files are no good to me – can you help?

Our system is very flexible and we can generate reports to suit your requirements. Output from our database can be as PDF reports, Excel spreadsheets or .csv files for example and can include results from a date range, for a specific type of test, those with a particular test result or for a certain product, etc etc. Should you require anything routinely or as a one-off please contact the office.

When will my results be ready?

Your samples are booked in with the turnaround agreed at the time of ordering or specified on the sample submission form. If you do not specify a turnaround then our standard will apply. For ELISA work this is 2 days after sample receipt and for PCR it is 3 days after sample receipt. Subcontracted work, bespoke test development and quantitative PCR generally takes slightly longer.

If we receive your samples before 10am then the day of receipt is counted as day zero. Results are then ready 2 or 3 days later (depending on test method) unless alternative terms are agreed. If samples arrive after 10am then the following day counts as day zero. For example, samples arriving at 9.30am on Monday for ELISA testing will be ready by close of play Wednesday. Samples arriving at 11am Monday for PCR analysis will be ready by close of play Friday.

Emergency analysis is available if you wish to receive results quicker – please enquire for details.

If there is going to be a delay to your test results for any reason we will contact you at least the day they are due (or earlier if possible) to notify you, explaining the reason.

You should never need to chase us for test results. If you are unsure as to when they are due please contact the office on food@synlabuk.com.