Below are links to a number of documents you may require to request services or a quotation, or to start working with us. We welcome your feedback, so please let us know if you have found these downloads useful or if you would like to see other information here.

Mycotoxin EU Regulation 1881/2006

States maximum allowable levels of mycotoxin in food and feed.

Download Mycotoxin-1881-2006

Service List

Full list of routine analytical services provided by SYNLAB Laboratories, including test methods, turnaround times and limits of detection and quantitation. For a quotation please call 01422 884287 or email

SYNLAB Food Testing Service List_08.05.2017


Gluten Legislation Commission Regulation 41/2009

Laying down rules on gluten-free and low gluten labelling.

Download Comm-Reg-EU-41_2009-gluten

Gluten Codex Standard

Best practice sampling, analytical and labelling – supported by the legislation 41/2009.

Download Codex-Standard-Gluten

2014 Foodservice Allergen Legislation

SYNLAB’s introduction to new legislation coming into force December 2014, affecting all catering establishments. More information available soon. For advice on testing options please contact us.


GMO EU Regulation 1829/2003

Download GMO-Reg_1829_2003_en

UKAS Certificate of Accreditation 4149

Click to download PDF file of our UKAS Accreditation Certification (testing laboratory number 4149).

UKAS Accreditation Certificate May 2017

Schedule of Accreditation (UKAS)

Click to download PDF file of our UKAS schedule of accreditation – laboratory number 4149.

4149 Schedule of Accreditation (Aug 2018)