Education, Training & Consulting

For the success of any workplace drugs and alcohol policy, it is critical that those responsible for its implementation and ongoing delivery, are sufficiently trained. Leveraging our experience as a trusted expert partner, SYNLAB has a range of tools available to support you educate, communicate and train those enforcing the policy, as well as your wider employee base.


SYNLAB provides bespoke training solutions to enhance your organisation’s awareness of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace, and to aid you in the on-going administration of your drug and alcohol testing programme.

Our highly knowledgeable training team are equipped to provide education, training and consultancy communications and requirements, that will ensure your company strategy is able to manage the risks associated with drug and alcohol misuse.

Key topics we can cover include:
  • An overview of your policy and what it means in practice
  • Patterns and behaviours – how to identify substance misuse  
  • Who, when and how to test
  • Initiating a for cause drug and alcohol test
  • Key requirements of the collection
  • Troubleshooting during a collection
  • Competency based training for:
    • Electronic breathalysers
    • Disposable breathalysers
    • Urine point of care tests
    • Saliva point of care tests
    • Urine, saliva or hair chain of custody
  • Current UK drug trends – what? who? how?
  • Novel psychoactive substances awareness
Who should attend?

All employees who are responsible for enforcing the drug and alcohol policy should attend a training course when your organisation’s policy goes live. We recommend refresher training is completed every 12 months to ensure your team are kept up to date with new trends, and retain competency.


We also offer some simple tools to assist you reinforce the key messages of your policy across your organisation, which will inform and raise awareness amongst your employees:

  • Posters
  • Pamphlets
  • Alcohol units calculator wheel
  • Employee briefing sessions