Sample Collection

Who collects the samples?

Collect the sample yourself

The option is for your employees to be competency trained to conduct drug and alcohol testing on behalf of your organisation. Key benefits include:

  • Your organisation has total control over the collection process
  • Upskill your workforce
  • Testing can begin rapidly which may be particularly important in For Cause situations.

For more information on how to train your employees go to our education and training page.

A positive drugs and alcohol result can have serious consequences for all involved, so it is important that every stage of workplace testing is carried out by experienced, qualified and professional individuals.

Independent Collection Service

Many of our clients utilise SYNLAB’s national Collection Service. Our impartial, professional Collection Technicians are located across the UK giving you the confidence that we will deliver you a compliant, end-to-end solution to support your business’ needs.

This impartiality of a third party collection service removes potential allegations of prejudice or bias about who is tested and when, and demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to fairness.

Key benefits of utilising SYNLAB’s Collection Service include:

  • Our Collection Technicians are ISO 17025 accredited to perform urine and saliva chain of custody collections
  • Robust policies and procedures
  • Impartial, high quality service
  • We are digital! All of our Collection Technicians are equipped with tablets to capture all testing information for a professional, seamless service.

Instigating a drug & alcohol collection

For Cause Collection

For Cause – Post Incident: Use drug and alcohol testing as a tool within your toolbox, when trying to identify the root cause of an accident / incident

For Cause – Reasonable Suspicion: When behaviour and / or observations indicate substance misuse, including the discovery of illegal substances, paraphernalia or empty alcohol containers


The impartial, random selection of employees to be drug and alcohol tested throughout the year reduces the risk of accidents due to drug and alcohol abuse. As a trusted expert partner, SYNLAB offers all clients a random testing management program free of charge. Tailored to your organisations needs, let us manage the testing process so you don’t have to.


Ensuring the safety of your workforce is of paramount importance. Utilising drug and alcohol testing either as part of you pre-employment checks or during their probation period, ensures you have reliable, staff who are free from the effects of drugs and alcohol on site.

Ongoing Monitoring

Any employee who has previously and voluntarily come forward and admits to having a drug and/or alcohol problem may be regularly tested over a 12 month period as part a rehabilitation process.