Digital Services

Safeguard Digital

In July 2016 SYNLAB Laboratory Services launched Safeguard Digital, a tablet based platform for digital drug and alcohol collections used by our national Collection Service. Safeguard Digital was developed as part of our innovation pipeline, and highlights SYNLAB’s commitment to continually invest in new technologies to improve communication and efficiency throughout our business.

Benefits of Safeguard Digital:

  • Records the same data as our current paper Collection / Chain of Custody forms.
  • Reduces 250,000 pieces of paper from our collection process each year.
  • Improved repeatability and consistency of the collection procedure.
  • Creates one streamlined collection process.

Did you know?  

SYNLAB Laboratory Service’s national Collection Service has ISO 17025 accreditation from UKAS for the chain of custody part of our urine, saliva and hair drug and alcohol collections.

The adoption of Safeguard Digital has been supported by our accrediting body UKAS, as it further supports our already robust collection process.

More information on our Collection Service’s network and response times can be found here.