About us

Who we are

SYNLAB in the UK is a trusted expert in clinical laboratory services, drug and alcohol testing, food testing, oil and fuel analysis and veterinary testing. We bring the highest quality and reliability to tests which really matter.

SYNLAB includes Integrated Pathology Partnerships (iPP), established in 2010 to work with the NHS to deliver transformed pathology testing services in the UK.

What we do

SYNLAB provides a wide range of testing capabilities from workplace drug and alcohol testing, food testing, veterinary testing and advanced pathology services through to the most innovative molecular and genetic diagnostic tests available today.

We work closely with clinicians, hospitals, occupational health providers and clinical researchers to provide a complete pathology offering.

Local testing facilities in 19 laboratories across the UK and Ireland:

  • SYNLAB Drug Testing offers workplace drug and alcohol services for Occupational Health companies and a diverse range of industries across the UK.
  • SYNLAB Food Testing offers a wide range of specialist food and feed analysis to contract laboratories and food manufacturers.
  • SYNLAB Oil & Fuel Analysis monitors all types of lubricated systems, providing oil and fluid condition monitoring services that facilitate business continuity and provide clients with the confidence to act.
  • SYNLAB Hospital Partnerships, including iPP (Integrated Pathology Partnerships), enables UK healthcare organisations to strengthen the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their pathology services.
  • SYNLAB Specialist Services provides a broad variety of tests and analysis that can be carried out on numerous samples such as blood, swabs, saliva, urine and tissue.
  • SYNLAB Veterinary offers a comprehensive range of tests as well as diagnostic advice for domestic pets, horses, reptiles and birds as well as exotic species.

We are part of SYNLAB Group, the market leader in laboratory services in Europe, offering a full range of medical laboratory services for practising doctors, clinics and the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more by watching the video.

Synlab in the UK


SYNLAB is committed to delivering the highest quality laboratories which comply with the accreditations for their field of work, so you can be Quality Assured.

Across the UK and Ireland SYNLAB’s laboratories are registered with or accredited by a number of bodies including: Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Care Quality Commission and UKAS (UK Accreditation Service).

For laboratory specific accreditation information, please contact the relevant laboratory via our Contact Us page.